Whispers From the New Paradigm:

We share this magnificent Universe with a cosmic family of countless beings living on billions of planets, created by a Creator Whose personal and impersonal nature is incomprehensible, and Who bestows an infinite degree of Unconditional Love on each of us. This Love governs everything that unfolds in Creator s Divine Plan, which consistently beckons all sentient beings in the Universe over the course of multiple lifetimes to an eventual unification with Creator. Unification with Creator that can be significantly expedited by the practice of Transcendental Meditation, a meditation tradition that traces its roots to the very first day of creation.

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Suffering From Acatalespy? Learning to Love the Questions:

Do you suffer from acatalepsy? I do. Acatalepsy (acat•a•lep•sy) is a chronic condition. Wiki defines it as “The impossibility of comprehending something.” What can’t I comprehend? Both the size of the Universe and my role in it!

Compounding my suffering, and probably yours, is a profound haunting, characterized by the suspicion that what we do comprehend of the Universe – and of our place in it – is just a minuscule part of reality.

Attempting to unravel the intricacies of the Universe is a real challenge. In an attempt to lay the groundwork for the heart of this essay, I emphasize that the Universe is part of a larger, grander plan. And the process of unraveling this plan, despite its acatalectic challenges, is the most exciting part of being alive.

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Chop Wood, Carry Water,Listening for the Whispers:

The size of the Universe defies description. And it teems with sentient life. Its size and life are testimony to the Creator’s Love, Creation’s fuel, governed by Divine purpose.

Author Michael Quinn takes us on a revealing journey through this incomprehensible Universe and concludes that we’re all part of the Creator’s grand design that consistently beckons us toward perfection and eventual Oneness with Him. He exposes the historical legacy of fear generated by institutional religion and explains how the individual and society can transcend this encumbrance to uncover the magnificence of who we truly are and to function spontaneously from the pure and powerful level of Absolute Being.

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