Soul Release Intercession

A spiritual practice designed to assist the terminally ill in transitioning.

On this page you will find essential insights to assist the dying as well as the step-by-step process of the Soul Release Intercession

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After a few years of using the Soul Release Intercession, we’ve come to realize some significant points.


One, the Soul Release Intercession is sacred and powerful. We don’t know how it works. To be a part of the transition of a soul to the next realm is a sacred responsibility, requiring the practitioner to perform a constant ego check, recognizing that a force far greater than the practitioner’s is working here. If this element is lost along the way, then it jeopardizes the authenticity of the Soul Release Intercession. Only one with a strong foundation of ethics should perform it.


Second, it is vitality important that anyone associated with performing the technique honors the belief nuances of the patient and their family. No soul will leave before it’s ready; we are NOT interfering with anyone’s karma. The soul does not always understand the degree of suffering of the patient. If the suffering is brought to the soul’s attention, then it can initiate the transition if it is in God’s plan.


The environment for performing the Soul Release for unresponsive patients is different from using it for patients who do not appear close to transition.  Unresponsive patients are usually actively dying; i.e., expected to transition within 48 hours. Often family is not around. Even then, it’s important that a practitioner petition for inner guidance before performing the Intercession.

For patients who are not close to transition, it’s our opinion that an Intercession not be offered unless circumstances seem to be warranted; perhaps the nature of the terminal illness might be appropriate. But the patient and probably the family must be fully informed of the nature of the Intercession. The Release Intercession falls outside the scope of the beliefs and understanding of some people. This is where the practitioner’s understanding of the Release details and the nuances of patient and family interactions is vital.


The Release performed in the presence of family can be a tremendously beautiful experience. The laying of the hands of family members on the heart of the patient and envisioning the infusion of pink light joins the patient and family in a very sacred and intimate embrace that is beyond words to describe.


The Soul Release Intercession is a spiritual practice designed to assist the terminally ill in transitioning. It is very important to state at the outset that the Intercession will not hasten the departure of the soul if the soul is not ready to exit. (The loved one is almost always unresponsive and actively dying.) Please see an additional discussion of this subject further down the page:  Soul’s Decision to Leave.

Sacred Moment

Facilitating the Soul Release Intercession is a supremely important process, requiring utmost integrity. The Intercession may be the most important occasion in the loved one’s life, so we have to enter into it with the highest and purest of intentions. It is not a show-and-tell moment to demonstrate anyone’s “powers” or perceived “spiritual” advancement. To do so from anything less than a virtuous perspective can entail some serious karmic repercussions.

Personal Invocation

Before conducting any Intercession, it’s important while in the presence of the loved one to assess the atmosphere in the room. Is it quiet? Are there others present? Will you be doing the Intercession alone or with others? It is important to take the time to center yourself, perhaps by closing your eyes for a few minutes and going within. The Intercession is a sacred moment, and the atmosphere in the room and in your heart should be conducive to receiving clear inner spiritual guidance. Remember…we are not orchestrating the process, the dying one is. That’s why waiting, watching, and listening is so important. Let go of ego.


This work is non-physical. We are approaching the dying one at an energetic level, where hearing, vision, and touch are significantly more subtle.


Take a moment to ask any Angels, High Beings or deceased loved ones of the patient who are present to assist in opening the heart of the patient to receive the blessings of the Intercession. And end the invocation with a prayer of gratitude for the honor of being present at this most sacred moment of the patient’s life.

Talking to the Soul

Regardless of whether or not the Soul Release Intercession is used, talking to the soul is a very powerful practice to calm the soul as it approaches death. This is especially valuable if family members are present. 


If the loved one is not conscious, it’s important to understand that they are NOT unconscious, but rather non-responsive. There is a big difference. On some level of awareness, the loved one is aware of what is going on. They can feel the emotions around them. At this level of awareness, their awareness may actually be even more acute than when they are conscious. Their ability to animate the body is lost but their consciousness has expanded to now include the nonphysical as well as the physical. So be extra vigilant about the conversations occurring in the room; they should always be uplifting. Humorous conversation is wonderful. A loud TV isn’t. In fact, we suggest treating the room as a holy place, with silent prayer and meditation predominating.


Here is another factor that may initially seem a little contrary to how we usually act in the presence of the non-responsive one. The dying one’s focus is now on their inner journey. Continuing to provide them, in their non-responsive state, with elements of the life they are preparing to leave can actually serve to hold them back. So talking to them about family issues, news reports, their favorite foods, how their favorite sports teams are doing, and so forth, tends to anchor them in this fading part of their life, making it harder to let go.

Family members should be encouraged, as a group if possible, to place their right hand on the heart of their loved one and silently make their peace and forgiveness. They should envision a powerful pink light coming from their hand and entering the heart of their loved one. Family members need to let go and love and bless their loved one and encourage them to go to God. 


They should speak directly from their heart to the loved one’s heart. Until the loved one passes, there is always some part of their living being that will hear or feel their words. Please trust this truth. The power of this step can’t be overstated; the heart of the loved one will feel it deeply, even if unresponsive. The heart is capable of translating all words and feelings.


Here is a sample affirmation that should be adapted to assist you or family members in making peace with the loved one. It can be read out loud or conveyed silently. The affirmation has to come from your heart; it is not a rote prayer.

Say with the deepest and most sincere tenderness:


“I am here with you and I love you. You are dying, and that is completely natural; it happens to everyone. I wish you could stay here with me, but I don’t want you to suffer any more. The time we had together has been a great blessing, and I shall always cherish it. Please now don’t hold onto life any longer. Let go. If you need to forgive yourself or others for any wrongdoing, do it now. I give you my full and heartfelt permission to die. You are not alone, now or ever. You have absolutely nothing to fear. You have all my love.”

Note: Many traditions suggest that the dying repeat the name of God as their transition proceeds, that it has a bearing on a comfortable exit. We add this to our affirmations.

Also: NEVER try to “correct” or “straighten out” one who is dying. NEVER argue, contradict, explain away or belittle ANYTHING that the dying feels. Unconditional love is the only appropriate attitude.

If necessary, tell the family that it’s okay to let go of their loved one. It won’t be easy for them. But letting go is not a sign of lack of love. Just the opposite. Conscious, alert, and actively loving care should go on until the last moments of their loved one’s life. And they will certainly meet their loved one again. Note: If there is a loved one who needs to be taken care of after the patient dies, include a statement in the prayer that they will be taken care of; that there is no need to worry about them.


Soul release intercession

A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: 

Soul Release

After talking to the soul as discussed above, direct a prayer to God and to the soul’s Guardian Angels and deceased family members who are present in the room. Ask for help in assisting the loved one with the release of their soul. 

NOTE: Dr. John Lerma, former inpatient medical director of the TMC Hospice of the Medical Center of Houston, writes in his book Into the Light that “Roughly three to five days before anyone dies, Angels and deceased loved ones are present 24 hours a day. During this time Angels are aiding family members in obtaining their closure.”

Step 2

Blue Light Activation

At the loved one’s forehead between the eyes, use your index finger to trace a cross of blue light…simply imagine a blue light coming from your finger. (This location is sometimes referred to as the third eye.) Ask God to open the loved one’s mind to God’s peace and love. Ask that this blue light flow through their mind and into the entire body, especially to the soul within. (Imagine the blue light flowing throughout the body.) Also ask that the loved one become aware of their Guardian Angels, spirit guides and other loved ones who are present so they’ll help them in love.

Step 3

Cleansing the Aura

Then take both hands and circle the body three times to cleanse the aura and fill it with God’s love. Just simply imagine that you are washing the atmosphere around the body. 

Step 4

Drawing Out the Soul

Place your right hand over the heart and again focus pink light on the soul. With the left hand draw out the soul through the solar plexus three times. (The solar plexus is the area around the stomach.)

As you are doing this process, mention to the soul that you are bringing awareness to the soul of the pain and suffering of the loved one’s physical body. That this body is not strong enough to sustain life and the soul must decide whether it wants to stay or go back home to spirit. 

It is always good to stand on the left-hand side of the loved one, if possible.


Tell the soul that as they leave their body they will first be met by their guardian Angels and loved ones, and they need to accept their help and they will answer all their questions. Their Angels and guides will take them to the Heaven worlds where there will be no judgments or criticisms. They will experience love and bliss like nothing imaginable in this world. But this is their choice. Then ask God to love and bless them, and bless their spirit within as you leave them in the hands to their angels, guides and God.

Soul’s Decision to Leave: The soul is the observer and does not fully understand the pain and suffering of the physical body. The Soul Release Intercession brings this awareness to the soul within. 


Note: Communication with the soul can be done either verbally or silently. If family members are present, verbal communication allows them to be a part of the process. If the patient is conscious, use your discretion on the type of communication you use. Regardless, the soul and heart of the patient receive the information clearly. Please trust this fact.