• Inconceivable Beauty and Beings of Light: Near-death experiencers reveal that words are almost useless to describe the glorious majesty of the afterlife and the Beings of Light who are there to greet them;


  • Indescribable Unconditional Love:  They usually say that words could never, ever completely describe the degree of unconditional love radiating from those who greeted them. They were immersed, embraced and saturated with this blissful love;


  • The Life Review and Absence of Judgment:  They often tell of a complete absence of judgment associated with a life review of their actions while living on Earth;


  • No Desire to Return and Absence of Fear of Death: Many tell us they had absolutely no desire to return to their life on Earth. Almost everyone who returned did so reluctantly in order to complete a specific purpose. And almost everyone who returned lost their fear of death, with many of them beginning a new life dedicated to the service of others.


  • Forgiveness and Saying Goodbye: This chapter talks about the importance of forgiving ourselves and others, and the final gift of saying goodbye.


  • Insights for the Caregiver: Reading The Journey Home to the Dying


When sitting with your loved one who is dying, it’s essential to create an atmosphere free from fear. You want to open a channel of unconditional love. And you should try to relieve any tension in the atmosphere in whatever way comes most easily and naturally to you.